DRUNK was formed by members of the punk/hardcore bands SO MUCH HATE and LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? in 1994. Both bands did numerous tours on the continent in the late 80's and early 90's. Among the true fans of punk and hardcore those old bands are still highly regarded. In 1996 the line-up in DRUNK was changed, and has stayed the same for more than ten years.

DRUNK developed their own style without loosing their roots in punk. The music is dynamic and melodic, going from soft to hard at the flip of a coin, giving you a live show you would hate to miss.

In October 2004 the album "The Company Tie" was released on DRUNKs own record label, THIS BASTARDS VOICE. DRUNK has earlier released 4 vinyl EPs, a CD version of the 4 EPs, and one split-LP all on different independent labels.

In April 2006 DRUNK decided to split up.

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