"...as I'm drunk and I'm crawling on your floor again,
I'll be there for a minute then I'm gone again..."

Dear friends. Drunk has decided to throw in the towel and break up, after more than ten years together. Due to the personal situation for some of the band members, it's hard to find time to continue being drunk.

There is no drama in this situation, and we are all good friends.
Thank you for all the good times, the fun times, the drunk times!

Drunk, Oslo, May 2006

"The Company Tie" is out on vinyl. The record is released by Twisted Chords.

Mp3. Please click this link for some songs from "The Company Tie". The mp3 page is in Norwegian. Choose "Last Ned" to download the songs. You can also find some songs at this link.

Drunk at Myspace Music

- Split Second video

Trust interview (DE).
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